Assessing the challenges facing small-hold farming systems in Kabba/Bunu L.G.A. of Kogi State

  • Femi Ola Aiyegbajeje University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
Keywords: Small-hold farming, farmers, agricultural development, rural farming, Kabba/Bunu


Agricultural activities in Nigeria contributes immensely to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and small-hold farming is significant to these contributions. Despite this, the sector faces many challenges that inhibits her potential. Basic social infrastructure has been found to be one of the problems facing agriculture particularly availability of good roads. However, accessibility to farms in the rural areas by road is still one of the challenges facing small-hold farming. Despite the numerous policies on rural development to address the ugly condition of small-hold farmers in order to sustain agricultural development in Nigeria, the small-hold farmers still face the challenge of poor road infrastructure, resulting to low agricultural yield and causing incessant inflation of food prices. To this end, the study examined the current challenges that are impeding the opportunities available for the sustainability of small-hold farming in Kabba and its environs. Using a systematic random sampling, copies of structured questionnaire were used to collect data from a total of 338 small-hold farmers across the selected 18 villages in the study area. The descriptive statistics (percentages, tables and bar chart) were used for the result presentation while the stepwise regression was used to test the stated hypothesis. Findings revealed that the invasion of farm plots by cattle and poor road condition have hindered effective small-hold farming activities. The results of the stepwise multiple regression showed that cattle invasion of farm plots and poor road condition have significant effect on farming activities. (F = 28796.728, p<0.05). The study particularly recommended that urgent steps must be taking to address the issue of incessant invasion of farm plots by cattle in order to create an enabling environment for small-hold farming to thrive.