Current Issue

Vol 3 No 1 (2023)

The articles in this volume address key issues including food security and poverty, as well as urban health and transportation as a development enabler. The agri-food system, and smallholder agriculture, is critical to food security and youth employment.  The articles on analysis of rain-fed and irrigation in the growth and yield of cucumber, biochar substrate (soilless) for growth and yield of lettuce cultivation, challenges facing small-holder farming systems in Kabba/Bunu L.G.A, labour productivity of organic plantain farmers in Yewa North and South LGAs, smallholder rice farmers’ perception of attitude of middlemen towards rice value addition, managing risks for operational efficiency of smallholder farmers, and pattern of food security in Ondo State dissected key issues in Nigeria’s agriculture and presented spatial perspectives of the challenges of smallholder farming and food security across diverse landscapes. The articles on airline service quality preference, transportation and agro-food distribution, and technological adoption in logistics management dissected transport and logistics challenges to human welfare. Issues connecting urbanization, livability and health including discussed on the articles on downstream variation in surface water quality in an urban sub-catchment in Ibadan and geospatial analysis of healthcare facilities in Surulere local government area provide perspectives on the nexus between urbanization, livability and health in a developing country’s urbanizing setting.


Published: 2023-07-19